Chelsea has been in the hands of Roman Abramovich since 2003. The Russian oligarch invested a lot of money in the London club. He imported the best soccer players in the world and collected more titles. But in March he was forced to sell Chelsea FC due to the sanctions imposed on him for his ties to Vladimir Putin.

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There is a breakthrough in the sale of Chelsea. The Premier League has approved Todd Boley’s takeover of the club

All of Abramovich’s assets in the British Isles were frozen, which made Chelsea’s operations difficult. The club received a conditional license, under which it can operate until May 31. The solution to all the problems was the takeover of the club by American businessman Todd Boehle. He was the one who won the competition to buy Chelsea with an offer of £4.25 billion.

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However, Bohli’s takeover of the club was prolonged. Chelsea risked being expelled from the Champions League if the deal was not completed on time. However, on Tuesday there was finally some good news for the London fans.

The Premier League authorities have approved Todd Boley’s takeover of the club. Now the British government will take care of this. Officials must ensure that the proceeds from the sale of Chelsea do not in any way go to Roman Abramovich. The entire amount will be frozen in a special account controlled by the UK Government. Consent to terminate the transaction must also then be issued by the Portuguese authorities, since Roman Abramovich has a domestic passport.

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