Picks against the spread can do enough to have the underdog win the game in an outright way, but trying to tackle the foul or stuffy smell in your office space may seem like quite the challenge if you’ve gone through endless air fresheners that just can’t seem to get the smell out permanently. 

Truly speaking, changing the scent or brand of the air freshener won’t necessarily make the difference but we’re guessing you already know this seeing that you’re here already. But you’ve come to the right page because, in this article, we will be sharing 6 simple things you can do to keep your office space smelling fresh and good in no time. So, get your notebook because you won’t want to miss a single point. 

Your 6 Simple Ways

Stuffy smells tend to make themselves more prevalent once the cold season kicks in simply because no one likes the idea of being exposed to a cold breeze when you’re trying so hard to keep warm. But the spring seasons also bring about their own challenges when spring allergies finally kick in and suddenly, the idea of having the windows wide open is no longer an option. So, the ideas we’ll be providing will work well to consider everyone’s needs without anyone feeling disregarded or left out. 

Keep The Workspace Clutter-Free

While you may think that keeping the space clean has more to do with tangible surroundings more than anything, having too much clutter and belongings in a single space can also add to having a stuffy smell in the workspace. This is because work environments tend to be small and packed with people already. 


Each time you add a desk, locker, or item in the room, the environment tends to have less space to allow for air to circulate. By keeping minimalistic things in the space, the environment is less packed and will allow for better circulation of air. 

Include Air Conditioning

Air conditioners can do quite the job of helping you maintain balanced temperatures. As the air circulates through the room, this will reduce the chances of you being caught up in a stuffy area, especially when it’s too warm on the inside. This is because during cold weather, workers tend to increase temperatures and this is what adds to the awkward smell. And, during hot weather, some people tend to sweat a lot and this could easily cloud the room with bad body odor smells. 

For this reason, by setting the air conditioner to remain at a balanced and workable temperature that’s not too hot or too cold no matter the season, your workspace can stay smelling normal. 

Open The Windows

The most inexpensive way to deal with office stuffiness is to open the windows. Yes, this may bring about a few sneezes and allergies along the way, however, opening windows allows for natural, fresh, and clean air to enter the space, especially when the weather is allowing. On cold days, you can consider opening windows every few hours and then closing them after a few minutes since fresh air doesn’t require a lot of time to be brought in. This way, everyone will feel better and more refreshed. 

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Maintain The Bathroom

Nothing is as disturbing as having to deal with a bad smell coming from the office toilet. Most people are sensitive to smell and no worker would appreciate having to nest themselves in a space that smells of urine and feces. So, to help with this, make sure you have cleaning services come in regularly to clean the toilets so they can be left smelling fresh and clean always. This is especially if the toilets happen to be small. 

Maintain The Break Room

Maintain the office break room by paying careful attention to the refrigerator and microwave, and what’s kept inside them. By encouraging workers to not keep heavily scented foods like fish and curry in them, this can help get rid of bad smells in the air. 

Use Fresh Scents

For workspaces, it’s best to use plug-in air fresheners and oil diffusers that work well to remove bad smells in the room. Remember to keep the scent light as well because some strong scents can leave workers and customers feeling uncomfortable.