Brandor Hendrickson Olsen gave two goals, two from Clement Olsen and one from Villornor Davidsen, to the Faroe Islands 5-1 victory over Liechtenstein, which responded only with a goal by Max Goebel. The Faroese national team has been around since the 1930s, but has only been a member of FIFA since 1988. Until June 7, 2021, their highest win was a 3-0 win over San Marino in May 1995 (or 4-1 against Gibraltar in 2014), so Monday’s win will go down in history.

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“Not a leader”

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The Faroe Islands never came close to applying for a big party. So far, the biggest success for many fans was the 1-0 win over Austria 30 years ago. But the past months and even years have been really successful.

The Faroe Islands have already won four matches since 2020. Aside from hotspot Liechtenstein, they have defeated Andorra twice and Malta once. “The victory over Liechtenstein was a milestone in their history,” Danish journalist Stephen Trumpf wrote on Twitter.

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The team’s biggest star, or at least the highest valued (€650,000), is Joan Simon Edmondson, who has been without a club since July, but previously local Newcastle United played more than 50 games for Armenia Bielefeld.

The father of success appears to be coach Hakan Eriksson, the 61-year-old who was once the coach of the Swedish national team. Al Suwaidi has been working with the Faroe Islands since December 2019.

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The Faroe Islands are a volcanic archipelago located between Great Britain, Iceland, and Norway. The territory depends on Denmark. About 50,000 people live there.