We have the final round of the fast-track Grand Prix tournament of the 2021 season. At Motoarena in Toruń, Artiom Łaguta and Bartosz Zmarzlik will fight for the World Championship. The Russian is closer to gold by nine points, ahead of the defending pole. Live coverage and results of the Polish Grand Prix in Toruń on Polsatsport.pl.

If Łaguta maintains the points advantage over Zmarzlik, he will become the first Russian representative to win the World MotoGP singles championship. Let us remind you that in the past two seasons, a Polish has won the title of the best sprint racer in the world. This time, the competitor from Kinic faces a very difficult task. Łaguta is in exceptional shape, and he proved on the first day of competition at the Motoarena.

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On Friday, the Russians achieved a convincing victory. The 31-year-old defeated Maciej Janowski, Ty Wenden and Leon Madsen in the final. Zmirzlik unexpectedly finished third in the semi-finals and missed the fight for victory. Thus, Łaguta increased his advantage in the general classification to nine points.

The struggle between the best motorbike riders currently in the world to be exciting. However, the favorite is Łaguta, who will be at a huge disposal this season. It is worth noting that Martin Vaculik will not participate in the Grand Prix on Saturday. The Slovak was injured during Friday’s competition. Jaemon Lidsey will replace him.

Live coverage and results of the Polish Grand Prix in Toruń on Polsatsport.pl. The first race starts at 19:00.

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Starting list for the Polish Grand Prix in Torun (October 2):

1. Artiom Łaguta (MFR)
2 – Emil Sajvutdino (MFR)
3 – Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
5 – Ty and Wenden (Great Britain)
6. Jaymon Lidsey (Australia) – replacement for Martin Vaculik
7 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
9 – Maciej Janowski (Poland)
10 – Oliver Berntzon (Sweden)
11 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)
12. Paweł Przedpełski (Poland) – Wild Card
13 – Max Frick (Australia)
14 – Jason Doyle (Australia)
15 – Matej Zagar (Slovenia)
16 – Bartosz Smárzlik (Poland)

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