Vadim Kopzev, attorney Nawalnego He said he was losing weight quickly as a result of the hunger strike, he wrote Reuters. Exhibitions are in a slump. However, according to the Kremlin, she is receiving adequate assistance.

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Medvedev: Navalny might see himself as something like Mandela or Havel

Alexei Navalny “feels pain while walking.” The disease is progressing

Navalny began his hunger strike last week Protest Against insufficient medical care. He complained of severe leg and back pain, and received no medical care or medication. Illness It is still progressing.

Russia. Navalny has a fever and a strong cough. Colleagues of prisoners who had symptoms of tuberculosis

Alexey is in pain while walking. It is very annoying that the disease is clearly progressing in terms of loss of feeling in the legs, hands and wrists

– Wadim Kupzev wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Tuberculosis among prisoners. Navalny’s respiratory disease was diagnosed

on Monday, Navalny said three people from his ward were hospitalized with tuberculosis. Then he was transferred himself to the Pokrov prison medical center, showing symptoms of respiratory illness. Russian The Prisons Authority denies both reports of tuberculosis infection among prisoners and rumors of inappropriate treatment of an opposition activist. According to the prison service, Navalny received “all necessary medical assistance in accordance with medical recommendations” – he writes BBC.

The White House Upon Arrest Navalny: A Fatal Injustice

White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said the Biden administration viewed Navalny’s prison a gross injustice and called for his safety and release from the penal colony.

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Pro-camp media published a recording supposed to present NavalnyWhat’s going on with Navalny? The video was shown by pro-Kremlin media

Human rights defenders believe The opponent is slowly being tortured and killed, a More than 1,500 doctors signed the letter in defense of Alexei Navalny. They demand that he be given proper medical attention. Lawyers who visited him in custody say there are no doctors in the colony and one rescuer in the local medical ward – he writes BBC.

Peskov: There are no special conditions for Navalny

Dmitry Peskov spokesperson The Kremlin The Polish news agency said on Tuesday that the Navalny case fell within the jurisdiction of the Federal Prison Service and that there was no issue of special treatment of exhibitions. Peskov did not comment on Navalny’s health condition.

All necessary activities are carried out. Of course, there can be no special conditions for a guest

– He added that when it comes to disease, Navalny will receive appropriate treatment.