A little over a year ago, the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles debuted, kicking off the next generation at Microsoft. Halo Infinite was one of the initial titles released before Christmas 2020. A highly anticipated site from Studio 343 Industries, which was to show off the capabilities of Microsoft’s new consoles. You all definitely remember what it was like. The game material showed poor gameplay and, at best, average graphics quality. In order not to cause a complete defeat, Microsoft decided to delay the release a lot, so that the 343 Industries team could still work on Halo Infinite. Then a flurry of negative comments erupted about the delay in the premiere. However, if the debut took place already a year ago, then we will get a monster, which will then have to be patched with new updates for several months. The decision turned out to be the right one, because we finally had a good match.

Author: Damian Mrsiak

There is no denying that Microsoft has a very good second half of 2021. Since then, productions like Psychonauts 2 and Forza Horizon 5 have been released for Xbox consoles and PC, which have been a huge hit, both at the box office and in the art. In addition, the fourth installment of the popular saga Age of Empires appeared on PC. The crowning cake for this group is Halo Infinite, which debuted after a year-long delay due to the need to improve the title. Studio 343 Industries didn’t have an easy task, because after game shows last year, a wave of negative comments erupted at the title and producers. A year ago, the players laughed, but today the players themselves can thank you for delaying the launch. Although Halo Infinite isn’t a perfect game, it certainly won’t have a bad start like GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, Cyberpunk 2077 or Battlefield 2042.

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Halo Infinite is finally coming to PC and Xbox. We’re checking if the one-year delay in the title is having a positive effect on single-player campaign impressions, providing new Master Chief adventures.

Halo Infinite review - We check the impact of a one-year delay on Master Chief's latest adventure on PC [nc1]

Preparing the premiere in December, after the first shows of new games from the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, was a risky move by Microsoft and 343 Industries. Both series have crowds of fans. In the end, it turned out that neither the game nor the other game lived up to the expectations of the fans, which led to a lot of negative opinions. In the case of Call of Duty, we are mainly talking about a short and not very attractive story campaign and some new features in the multiplayer mode. Battlefield 2042 has taken a beating due to its lack of core gameplay, as well as being in poor technical condition. Halo Infinite is the third major FPS game to be released in a month. It offers a satisfying story and good gameplay that will last you at least twelve hours or so. Or longer, if we want to do all the side activities.

Halo Infinite review - We check the impact of a one-year delay on Master Chief's latest adventure on PC [nc1]

In terms of game structure, Halo Infinite is quite different from the previous titles in the series. We get a more open structure to the presented world, so we don’t work (exclusively) in narrow corridors. Most of the game takes place in the open spaces of the Zeta Halo Ring, which we can explore relatively freely, for example by performing side activities. We can also basically deal with the main story. Robots, but most importantly, the game offers a lot of fun in annihilating your opponents. After last year’s shows, I was very skeptical about Halo Infinite. So skeptical that I approached the final version of the game without excessive expectations. It was a good decision because it just made me have fun.

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Halo Infinite review - We check the impact of a one-year delay on Master Chief's latest adventure on PC [nc1]