Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has several years on its back, but it’s still a game worth keeping in mind. Not just because you can get it for free for a week.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Free Download

Thursday, time to check out the Epic Games Store. After all, it’s the day of the week that the store updates its free-to-play offer. No surprise and probably good. According to the information previously provided, account holders in the respective store can access Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The game, created by Starbreeze Studios AB, is free for a week, until February 24 at 5:00 PM of our time.

Brothers: The Tale of Two Sons got great marks, it’s no coincidence

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game (with arcade elements), which the creators themselves present as “an epic adventure from the fairy tales of two brothers”. And not just any team has worked on it, including Joseph Faris, who some might recognize as founder of Hazelight Studios (the team from A Way Out which was a huge hit last year, It Takes Two).

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has also received great reviews not only in the media (90%), but also among players (85%). The control system stands out the most, because you have to control the actions of both brothers at the same time. Contrary to appearances, it turned out to be really good. Anyway, at the time of the premiere and a moment later, it was hard to find any major deficiencies here. Today, after a few years, the graphics will not captivate some of them, but the rest remain at a high level. The plot (the characters are looking for a cure for their sick father), the fantasy atmosphere, the music, and finally the puzzles and battles with the bosses (although there aren’t many of them, which is a shame) make Brothers: a tale of two boys worth seeing in your collection.

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Source: Epic Games Store, 505 Games

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