Tesla appears to be looking to switch to an AMD “Big Navi” GPU for its Media Computer (MCU), according to a new leak.

Originally, Tesla It uses Nvidia Tegra chips In the media control unit (MCU), which is different from self-driving computers or Self-Driving Computers (FSD) that use Tesla’s proprietary chip.

As Tesla began working on the transition away from using Nvidia chips for the autopilot computer, the automaker also switched from Nvidia to Intel for the integrated media computer MCU.

Now, we know that Tesla is once again looking to make a change to its MCU, and is looking to move to AMD.

Patrick Shore shared a document showing that Tesla was looking to migrate to AMD’s new Navi 23 chip before the document was removed as it would likely reveal the source:

This is the latest chip from AMD that powers its new GPU cards, and it claims even more power and efficiency:

Industry-leading AMD RDNA ™ 2 gaming architecture delivers up to 2X higher performance and up to 54% more performance per watt compared to AMD RDNA ™ based graphics cards.

High performance per watt is something that Tesla is always looking closely at as the automaker is looking to improve efficiency through every subsystem within its vehicles in order to improve overall efficiency and hence range.

It is not clear when Tesla will move to the new chip of its computer.

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Take an electric

I won’t be putting this in the “absolutely confirmed” column yet, but it does seem like a solid source.

Tesla is always striving to improve the computing power inside its cars, and that’s a trend I’ve been talking about since Tesla hired Jim Keller back in 2016.

Cars are increasingly becoming computers on wheels, and it will be critical for carmakers to continue pushing for higher performance for the sake of competition.

Tesla appears to have understood this early on by working on its chips and looking to purchase the latest technology from chip makers, such as AMD.

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