Mass testing for people without symptoms will be available in East Lancashire starting next week in an effort to curb the spike in Covid-19 cases in the county.

Tests will be available for people who are not showing symptoms, but are still contagious, to try to help find cases that could spread the virus without knowledge.

At Blackburn with Darwin, 24 adult welfare workers were trained to perform lateral flow testing analysis and provide regular testing to employees initially across four teams – Home First, respite care, day services, and rehab.

It is not yet known exactly where or when these tests will be released, but more details are expected to be announced in the coming days and weeks about how people will access these tests in the county.

The program is coordinated by the Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF) and includes logistical support from the military.

LRF President, Angie Ridgwell said: “By testing people who are asymptomatic, we can help reduce the spread of infection in Lancashire. We will increase the number of tests over the coming weeks, as the number of places involved increases.”

“All over Lancashire, our public sector organizations are working together to support and protect the public by limiting the spread of the virus. A lot of very complex work has already been done to understand the testing we need, before starting this program out.

“It is really important that we continue to inactivate the virus, even though we have a vaccine now. It will take time to vaccinate everyone, and while this happens, we remain at risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

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“Testing is still important and remains one of our main defenses to tackling the virus. We are reminding people to keep following the instructions to keep each other safe – hands, face and space.”

As part of a pilot program, similar tests have already been conducted at day centers run by the Lancashire County Council, some fire stations and at Maerskoff College.

Lateral flow test results can be given in about thirty minutes, as they do not need to go to the lab for testing and will be rolled out in a manner similar to the mass testing system tested in Liverpool.

Up to a third of those infected with Covid-19 may not show any symptoms, but they are still contagious and council leaders have emphasized that it is essential to find these cases to ensure people are isolated if needed.

By finding those who are asymptomatic, these tests will help avoid people inadvertently spreading the virus, lower infection rates and council leaders hope they will help restore some normalcy to people and businesses.

As in Liverpool, testing will focus on working with communities and regions with high numbers of infections in order to try to lower infection rates and help move to a lower level of restrictions, with broader public testing planned as part of the next phase. Phase.

Although the exams are not mandatory, people are encouraged to take a test if offered to help get the people and economy of Lancashire back on the right track.

A sustainable program will be implemented over the next few months, including more tracking of local contacts, as well as additional support for communities and individuals struggling.

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If you have symptoms, you can book a free test by calling 119, or book online at or through the government’s NHS Covid app.