Gary Cahill defended Harry Kane over allegations that the Tottenham striker’s method of supporting opponents was dangerous.

Opposition fans have compiled videos on social media of Kane backing up opponents as they jump the ball in the air, with incidents causing the airborne player to suffer an embarrassing fall.

Cahill played Crystal Palace center back against Kane – and alongside him internationally – and sees nothing wrong with the England captain’s style.

“I think that’s just part of football,” Cahill said. Sky Sports News Before the Palace game against Tottenham on Sunday. “Again, I think one of the components of this is being smart, experienced, and knowing when you can make a mistake.

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is competing for the ball with Arsenal defender Gabriel

“I’ve seen so many times when I was with England and coaching with Harry, that he uses his body really well. I think (Heung-Min) Son does the same thing – they use their bodies very well. Between you and the ball and any kind of contact, they know it is likely that There will be mistakes and that in and around the penalty area is dangerous.

“I study the opponent but I also say you know the opponent, with players like that, I have seen them year after year so you know their strengths and it is the best way to deal with them back in the day.”

The combination of Kane and Son helped Tottenham top the Premier League table with 11 games in Jose Mourinho’s first full season with the North London side.

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Free Watch: Highlights from Tottenham’s victory over Arsenal in the Premier League

Last weekend 2-0 victory over Arsenal Watching Sun and Ken help each other score a goal as they raised their Premier League count for this season to 10 and 8, respectively.

Cahill, who climbed the Palace team to 11th after their 5-1 victory over West Brom last weekend, understands the challenge the Eagles will face in trying to stop Kane and Sohn.

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“At the moment they are exceptional, they are in great shape and I think they work well together,” Cahill said.

“It’s a little weird – you see Harry Kane approach a lot more in a lot of situations. I think Son clearly has some speed – he has the legs to stand behind you, Harry finishes and passes clearly, his consciousness, his overall game is really incredible.”

Harry Kane and Gary Cahill
Kane and Cahill previously played alongside England

“They have played together for a long time now, so they know each other inside and out, and I think he is thriving at the moment.

“And in particular, the team gives them a platform to go and express themselves, because at the moment the team looks really solid and really confident and they are really starting to build a little momentum now.”

Cahill remembers Mourinho’s classic criticisms.

Mourinho led Tottenham to sixth place in the Premier League last season, after replacing Mauricio Pochettino in November 2019, and the club was struggling in the fourteenth place.

Despite their strong start, few expected Tottenham to participate in the title race before this season, but Cahill, who played under Mourinho at Chelsea, was not surprised.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho led Tottenham to the top of the Premier League with 11 matches per season

“First, they have very good players,” Cahill said. “ Second, they have a very good manager, and he has adapted the system to be strong and at the moment consistent in terms of their performance.

“This is not a surprise to me. Obviously I worked with Jose, he’s a winner, and they have good players.

“With what you’re seeing in the moment, they’re kind of starting to change the way they think, and the manager is going to have a big role in that, and he’s building momentum.”

Mourinho’s management style has not always been for everyone, with many members of the Tottenham team – including England’s international players. Dele Alli and Harry Winx – Currently appearing in struggle.

Cahill was a regular fixture as Mourinho, in his second spell with Chelsea, won the Premier League title for a third time in 2014-15, but even his status and captain John Terry as key players did not protect them from the wrath of the Portuguese.

Gary Cahill played under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea


Crystal Palace defender Gary Cahill remembers Mourinho’s criticism during their time together at Chelsea as a “classic” example of the Tottenham manager’s motivational methods.

Terry revealed earlier this year that after the pre-season began just months after winning the title, Mourinho told the two central defenders he would replace them by spending £ 100m on two new central defenders if they did not stop giving the ball.

“I remember that to this day, that training session, so there’s a lot of truth to that,” Cahill said.

“This was a Mourinho classic, I think. He planted some things in your head that made you think and eventually tries to push you to get the most out of yourself, or to show that he was wrong.

“Whatever the situation, [he was] Very clever in the way he manages some situations. “

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