Soon the fire, fueled by high winds, spread to the slopes of the Himemt mountain range, with the result that Smoke covered the outskirts of the capital. As reported by Reuters, The evacuation took place about 20 km south of Athens.

“The wind is very strong. Several homes and a few cars were damagedBut there are no injured. (…) More than 100 firefighters fought the flames with the help of six firefighting planes and four helicopters “- reported Reuters sources in the Greek fire brigade.

They confirmed it Pictures and recordings that appeared on the web. You can see clouds of thick black smoke billowing over the Greek cliffs. A firefighting operation carried out by the local fire brigade was also recorded.

According to Agence France-Presse, the mayor of Glyfada, Yorgos Papanicolaou, was quoted as saying: The cause of the fire is a high pressure plant. There was a power outage near Glyfada.

In August 2021, the biggest fires broke out in Greece in 14 years. And the fire swallowed areas with an area of ​​about 125 thousand. ha, three deaths have been reported. In the summer of 2018, catastrophic wildfires broke out in the Greek region of Attica, killing 102 people and injuring more than 170.