Are you waiting for Intel Arc graphics cards for PC? True, the premiere of the systems is still ahead, but the manufacturer has already boasted about the top model of the new series. There is so much to admire!

Intel Arc graphics cards should be of particular interest to gamers. The systems were announced a few months ago – in theory we should receive an answer on the Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon models, but we are still waiting for the premiere of desktop models (mobile versions debuted at the beginning of the year).

Recently, new, not very optimistic information appeared here. The premiere of desktop cards is theoretically scheduled for this quarter. The first models (A3) will debut in China, and we will have to wait until summer for more efficient designs (A5 and A7) to become available.

Intel introduces the Arc . graphics card

Visitors to the Intel Extreme Master trade fair in Dallas, US, were faced with a big surprise, as the limited-edition Arc card can be seen in public for the first time at the manufacturer’s booth. The appearance should not surprise you, because in fact it looks very similar to the model from the cartoon.

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The manufacturer used a two-hole cooling system with two large fans, and everything was enclosed in a functional black housing with silver inserts. On the back there is a backplate that says “ARC Limited Edition”. I have to admit that the card looks really good.

Below you can see some photos by Bryce_GfxDriverGuru:

Intel Arc Limited Edition graphics card

Intel Arc Limited Edition graphics card

Intel Arc Limited Edition graphics card

The card’s technical specifications have not been revealed, but it is most likely based on an Alchemist ACM-G10 GPU graphics chip with 32 Xe blocks (4,096 stream processors) and offers 16 GB of 256-bit GDDR6 memory. The design requires an 8-pin and 6-pin power supply (so the power consumption can be more than 230W).

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How do you like the intel card? Let me know in the comments if they are nicer than the Nvidia and AMD speakers.

Source: Bryce_GfxDriverGuru