British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday called on people infected with the Coronavirus not to abandon precautionary measures in relation to announcing an end to isolation in England due to Covid-19.

Great Britain Soon all epidemic restrictions will be lifted. The authorities will implement ‘life with COVID-19”, in which there are no restrictions, but only recommendations.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about this on Sunday 20 February in an interview with the BBC. His government has confirmed that as part of the implementation (faster than originally planned – at the end of March, note) of the COVID-19 Life Plan, Johnson will announce Removing the requirement to isolate the injured. This is the last legal requirement in England. The Prime Minister announced that he would be replaced by a recommendation.

COVID will not suddenly go away. England will lift the last restrictions

No specific date has been set, other than that it is expected to happen before the end of next week. “COVID will not suddenly disappear, and we must learn to live with this virus and protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms. We have built strong protection against this virus over the past two years thanks to a vaccination program, testing, new treatments and the best scientific understanding of what this virus can do. Thanks to the immunization program With our success and the huge numbers of people who have volunteered to get vaccinated, we are now able to define our plan for living with COVID,” Johnson said in a press release from his office.

‘We need to get people back to work’

The BBC added that lifting the restrictions does not mean the end of the precautionary measures. – I think it is very important that we remain vigilant. I don’t want people to misunderstand this – I’m not saying we can forego caution entirely. Boris Johnson said on TV that Covid remains dangerous if you are sensitive and if you are not vaccinated, but we need people to be more confident and back to work.

In England, there is still isolation of infected people for 5 days, provided that the tests carried out on the fifth and sixth days, at least 24 hours, give a negative result. According to the media, in addition to lifting the condition of isolation, Johnson will also announce a reduction in the number of tests being conducted and the withdrawal of free tests for people without symptoms. On Saturday, it was reported that 34,400 people have been detected across the UK in the past 24 hours. injuries, the lowest daily tally since November 9 last year. About 91 percent of the UK population aged 12 and over received the first dose of the vaccine, and 85 percent were vaccinated. Two doses, 66 percent. booster dose – Bartłomiej Niedziński /