In the first phase, individuals, institutions, organizations and cultural centers present projects in three categories: Event – Any festival, outdoor event, conferences and seminars, group of events (book, exhibition, website, paintings), historical reconstruction, archaeological excavations, performances, social campaigns, etc., Exhibition Any new permanent or temporary exhibition, electronic exhibition, museum opening, etc. And Education – Any educational projects (such as workshops, lessons, and educational games), publications, comics, electronic / multimedia events (movies, audiobooks), website, mobile applications, etc. In this year’s edition of the referendum, projects can be submitted online in all categories.

To submit an event, go to the Plebiscite website, Read the regulations and enter the “Project Submission” tab. Each applicant is entitled to submit a maximum of one project in each category. The jurors then select the last fifteen from among all the applications submitted.

In the second phase (July 1 – August 31, 2021), the list of fifteen winners (5 from each category) will be published on the referendum website, through which internet users will indicate their types. This is the first referendum of its kind in the country, and its winners are chosen by jurors and netizens.

As in every year, the referendum will end with a ceremonial ceremony during which the results will be announced. During the ceremony, short films are shown about each final project, then the voting results are revealed and the winners are presented in the aforementioned categories, and the organizers’ representatives present them with wonderful sculptures and statues designed by the Krakow artist Maciej Zykovic. . The remaining twelve will receive diplomas and book awards.

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The referendum enjoys the status and attention of the media. In previous years, there were more and more requests from Polish foreign diaspora centers, including. From Austria, Belgium, Belarus, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary and Great Britain. The referendum involves many local communities who want to promote the projects they organize. From year to year, the number of submitted projects competing for the title of the most important one increases. Since the start of the referendum, more than 1,000 projects have been submitted, and nearly 50,000 Internet users have participated in the online vote.

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