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Netflix doesn't give up account breaks.  New verification method
Netflix doesn't give up account breaks.  New verification method
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Netflix is ​​once again banning users from sharing an account. This time, using the website outside of a single household will check out the new verification method that the popular platform will test.

Netflix does not forgo account sharing by users. In March, we wrote about steps taken to halt the popular, but non-regulatory, practice in March. At the time, we reported that to check access, the following message was displayed on customer TVs: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue watching.” However, the “screw tightening” was soon withdrawn.

The issue of account sharing ban may once again worry customers of the popular platform. This time, using the website outside of a single household will test a new verification method. part of uUsers will see a message: “Help us confirm this is your account. We can send the verification code to XXX or YYY ZZZ XXX”, toFurther verification will be done via the email sent to the email account designated for the account or via SMS to the phone designated for the account. So far, it is not known how often it should be checked.

Is this a step in the right direction?However, I am afraid whether this strategy will lead to a real increase in the number of active subscriber accounts, or vice versa. A user forced to opt out of a joint account in retaliation will buy a subscription, but with a different VOD content provider – in a conversation with the service Wirtualnemedia.pl Justyna Troszczyńska, CEO of Media4Fun, has expressed skepticism.

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For Netflix users themselves, the new feature may prove to be an easy hindrance to overcome. As the expert adds, “Internet users will immediately set up joint email accounts for the joint subscription, so email verification will not add much to the existing collective use of a single subscription.”


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