Photography enthusiasts will surely be pleased that the first selfie room in لودód has just begun. in the Mujahideen. Wólczańska 127, under the name, a real paradise was created for them.

There are three women from Lodz behind the creation of a unique place within the city scale. Agnieszka, Oliwka and Ola have known each other for many years, together they create corporate creative workshops, but because – as they say about themselves – they do not like to stay at some point, they decide to take on a new challenge: – We are slowly trying to make our dreams come true. And others will also be able to benefit, just as we are crazy about art and a creative approach to life. We wanted to breathe life into a place where you can play with photography. As there will be many opportunities to use different landscapes to create unique images – says Agnieszka.

The girls’ ambition from the beginning has been to create a space where selfie lovers, Instagram lovers, TikTok and any tools that can be used in an original way can find themselves. SelfieArt is nothing more than a creative space for taking pictures. Artistic backgrounds, glare of colors, unusual combinations – all are devoted to one goal: great fun to take photos, videos and take unusual photos.

The first steps taken in the tenement house at 127 Wólczańska Street show that there was no shortage of creativity in the design. The building is full of interesting solutions: neon signs, fixtures, chessboards and colorful spaces are impressive – visitors can expect up to 50 different scenes!

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– We arranged our largest room in an atmosphere of … fluorescent lighting, blending space motifs with the underwater world. There’s also a room full of mirrors, you can walk down the aisle under the strips, cool off in the full moon, sweeten the world with ice cream and lollipops, sit on a sky swing, and even fly a balloon! – Ola lists.

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