What are the best places to look for work? American researchers answered this question. They took into account, among other things, immigration policy and income levels.

During the holiday season, many Poles decide to travel abroad for work. Regardless of whether we are choosing a job while on vacation or permanently moving, it is worth checking out the trends that have the most potential and that will allow us to live and work with dignity.

Business Insider has drawn on research from the BAV Group, The Wharton School, and the University of Pennsylvania, whose authors chose the best countries to live in.

He is definitely among them CanadaWhich provides high quality of life, friendly immigration policy, security and satisfaction.

The second country mentioned in the report is Japanwhich is characterized by a dynamically developing economy and sets global trends in many areas.

They were also on the list Germanywhich can boast attractive wages, a high level of public education and a sustainable economy.

It is also a good direction for immigration Switzerlandthat provide decent wages, stable employment or a good economic system.

Australian Employers pride themselves on paying well for their work. At the same time, in Australia, from the point of view of our pockets, the cost of living is favorable. The geographical location, which guarantees a warm climate, will also be an undoubted attraction here. However, this destination is not very popular due to its distance from other continents.

going to from the United States We can be sure that it is a rich country that will provide us with a high level of security, while setting global trends.

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new Zeland They, in turn, are considered a nation whose people are happy, and their country is associated with good health care.

The high level of treatment can also be found in Great Britain. There, we can also count on high salaries and an attractive social system.

Parents of young children will definitely consider a trip to Sweden. There, good earnings go hand in hand with free care for our children and a quality education. The Swedish government prides itself on having high social confidence, and employers don’t spare money to pay for their employees.

One of the most chosen immigration directions is also Holland. This is due to the policy aimed at the well-being of the population, the developed system of benefits and social assistance, the high level of health care.

If you want to earn a lot with low cost of living, consider going to Norway or Denmark. In the former country, it happens that earnings per hour reach 50 euros. per second – about 44 euros.

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