British media reported Thursday evening that a British engineering company will return from 100 to 150 soldiers, as announced by Defense Minister Ben Wallace, to be sent to Poland in connection with the migration crisis.

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Wallace announced that he would send soldiers during his visit to Poland on Thursday, during which he spoke with Poland’s Minister of National Defense Mariusz Paszaczak about various aspects of enhancing defense cooperation. And in a statement issued by the British government on Thursday evening, he did not mention any specific number, and Wallace himself said so The decision will be made after reviewing the assessment by the 10-person engineering department that came to Poland on November 11.

“It is likely that a company from the Royal Corps of Engineers will be sent here to support them, to ensure the borders are properly secured and to show that this kind of hybrid activity from Belarus will not be tolerated and will not work,” Wallace said.

He announced that the troops would be dispatched “within days or weeks” but made it clear that he would inform Parliament first about the planned deployment. According to the Guardian and the Daily Express, there are 100 soldiers, Sky News said the number would be at least 100, and BBC News said the number would be around 150.

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“What we will do is send a certain number of Royal Engineers – they are the part of the army that builds, fences or roads, or puts infrastructure. We will use that part of our forces to help the Poles and other potential Baltic states secure their borders,” he told the BBC.

stressed that They will not be combat soldiers, but soldiers with “the skills of building roads, checkpoints and observation posts.” “This is not a fight, this is support for the Poles,” he explained.

Referring to the crisis at the Polish-Belarus border, the British defense minister said: “I am particularly concerned about women, children and defenseless people being led by Belarusians into this game they seem to be playing. Forcing migrants to be a tool in a game to destabilize their neighbors is terrifying.

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