RMF FM’s US reporter, Pawe Żuchowski, asked for comment on Stephen Biegun, the former US Deputy Secretary of State in the Donald Trump administration. Crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The Polish-Belarusian border. Pole: This is an example of the dictatorship of Lukashenka

This is a terrible situation. I fully support the Polish government in protecting the borders. I also admire the humanity that the Poles show towards immigrants coming to Poland Pole said. – This is an example of the dictatorship of Lukashenka – He added, emphasizing that the Belarusian dictator clings to power.

The United States is putting enormous pressure on the Belarusian leader to convince him that he cannot continue to be in power, as the Belarusians bravely demonstrated the same. We must work with other countries around the world, including Russia, to get rid of Lukashenka in Belarus – Pole resides.


Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. Pole: I’m so worried

According to the former US Deputy Secretary of State, what Russia is doing on the border with Ukraine is also worrying.

I am very concerned about Russian military entrenchment, but the United States has received assurances from Russia. I also received personal assurances that Russia had no plans to invade Ukraine. I hope it will be like this. The relationship between the United States and Russia is very difficult at the moment. But they could get worse if they attack Ukraine – confirmed.

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