The country’s Transport Minister Grant Shapps said, on Tuesday evening, that it is now a crime for any Russian aircraft to break into UK airspace.

On February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, Great Britain announced the closure of its airspace and airports to all Russian airlines – including the national carrier of the Russian Federation, Aeroflot, and the next day extended this ban to all private aircraft owned by Russia. citizens.

The fact that Russian planes entered British airspace as a crime makes this ban even stricter, as it means airport operators have the right to stop a Russian plane or an aircraft chartered by a Russian citizen.

Additionally, under the new rules, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has the right to refuse to register an aircraft in the UK if the information provided shows that the aircraft “appears to be owned, leased or operated by a person named in the airline sanctions”. The Civil Aviation Authority may also deregister aircraft already registered in the UK if they are owned, leased or operated by a Russian person or company.

“We will strangle (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s friends to lead a normal life at a time when thousands of innocent people are dying,” Shapps wrote on Twitter. (PAP)

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