Chocolatito Gonzalez: The legend keeps growing!

Five years ago, after two consecutive (albeit controversial) defeats by Sur Rungesai, Nicaraguan Romanian legend “Chocolateto” Gonzalez (51-3, 41 KO) seemed to have come to an end. The boxer who for years was considered one of the best by weight class (P4P) seems to be at the end of his career, and fights at the highest level have already crossed him. Almost everyone thought so, but not “Chocolatito” himself, who returned to the throne of the World Boxing Council after six straight fights and five precious victories (there could have been six, and the defeat with Estrada was very controversial). Let’s admit – no one, not even those who have always believed in the genius of Gonzalez, could have foreseen such a scenario.

At an age when underweight people are considering ending their careers and earning an extra retirement rather than winning a world championship, 34-year-old “Chocolatetto” shows that great athletes defy human rules.

Nobody knows how, but Gonzalez still excels exactly as he did a decade ago, the speed of combos and ruthless use of his opponent’s mistakes are still the same as ever. Always very modest and very composed, says “Chocolatito” a month before the fight 10 minutes after its end – he thinks it’s simple. “I have more and more experiences, I know what to do in the ring, so when the body does what the head wants, why not win?” Easier to say, and harder to do, perhaps 95 percent of the gentlemen who didn’t understand why he was so painfully convinced. What gave them victories once, no longer works today.

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Journalists did this, but Gonzalez never touched on the topic of retirement before, and now it is known that the topic no longer exists. “I still don’t know when I’m going to finish boxing, maybe I have a few more matches. Today I felt really strong, ready for a tough fight – that’s how I fought. And the longer the fight, the stronger I felt, “- he said after defeating the WBC world champion. Julio Cesar Martinez. Martinez himself, who was seven years younger than him, 90 percent of the audience behind him, had to force the ‘old’ Mr. The plan worked for three minutes when Gonzalez saw that he could take the knockout blow that the Mexican’s speed wasn’t terrible, and that skill was on his side.

“It was a championship show,” the legendary boxer had a very good match. “We saw the difference,” the world media wrote, wondering what Chocolatito might surprise us with. He has only one plan – to win the rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada and add to the list of amazing victories On Mexican Boxers – 21-1 for Gonzalez! – Next Issue And for all of us, watching “Chocolatito” in action is always an honor.

Great boxing is doing well: 200,000 fans of Fury-Whyte

More than 200,000 people “attacked” the organizers’ servers, wanting to buy 90,000 tickets for the fight of undefeated WBC world champion Tyson Fury with Dillian White. Three hours later, the tickets were gone, and some went on triple private sale, showing two things: that Tyson Fury is a top-tier British superstar and, above all, has star rock status. I wrote “In Great Britain” on purpose, because apart from the duels with Deontay Wilder, the battles of the “King of the Gypsies” in the United States did not attract much attention.

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Who knows if even 100,000 boxing fans will watch the duel at Wembley, because there are plans to sell more seats. An interesting fact about this excellent fight in terms of sports and marketing is the fact that so far…a one-man theater.

White hardly talks about the biggest duel of his life, which also didn’t appear at the press conference, and while it doesn’t bother anyone with sales, he doesn’t defend it against criticism. “I don’t know if he’s just dumb or he has bad advisors. He doesn’t act like a pro, he doesn’t show up at a press conference. He’s always complained that he’s been on the challenge site for 1200 days, and now he has a problem with the WBC. But that’s not my problem. He’ll win Eight million, if he wins, he can add an additional four million to that, but he doesn’t do anything and even tweets, so why is he helping others make money?And is that a professional? Tyson Fury’s assistant Frank Warren asks.

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