The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said, Tuesday, that the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus epidemic have not only reduced demand for Christmas trees in Great Britain, but it appears that their sales this year will break the record.

According to the British Tree Producers Association BCTGA, tree sales are now 24 percent. Higher than normal at this time of year and some of its members say their turnover is higher than at any time this year. In the UK, around 8 million Christmas trees are sold, but BCTGA expects that number to reach 10 million in December.

“This year, everyone is more determined than ever to have a wonderful Christmas,” Pete Hyde told the BBC. People are buying trees early and are willing to spend money on them. It has a real Christmas tree. ” Owner of Trinity Street Christmas Trees Farm in Dorset, Southern England.

He added that a few weeks ago he was afraid that customers would buy Christmas trees from supermarkets or garden stores, because they might be open during the lockdown, while individual sellers, like him, were initially unable to trade. But after a call from breeders, the government changed its mind and sales have been going well since then.

Longing for normalcy

BCTGA’s Heather Barry points out that there are several reasons for the increased demand for Christmas trees – not just because of epidemiological restrictions, this year’s holidays will be limited, so people want the Christmas tree to provide an alternative to normalcy. But it also makes perfect sense – since most stores were closed during the shutdown, people buy Christmas trees first, leaving time to buy gifts after trading resumes. More Christmas trees are also needed because fewer people travel abroad at Christmas, and because family gatherings are limited to three families, so their number will not be as usual, but there will be more.

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Relaxing leave restrictions

In Great Britain, pandemic restrictions will be eased slightly over the Christmas period. From 23 to 27 December, a maximum of three families will be able to create a “bubble” in which they can spend time together at home, attend church service or spend time outdoors.