“series squid game Officially back with Season 2”- we can read in the short entry attached to the teaser video, where you can watch the part of the well-known animatronic puppet from the first episode of this popular series. Apart from that, you can also see the iconic engineering symbols of this popular production.

The teaser for the second season of “Squid Game” is accompanied by a statement from series creator Dong-Hyuk Hwang.

Cut on the screen of the first season squid game It took me 12 years. And it only took 12 days to make it one of the most popular Netflix series in history. As a writer, director and producer, I would like to thank fans around the world for watching and loving our series.”

originator squid game It was also revealed that in the second season, the main character from the first installment, Ae Ji-hoon played by Jung Jae Lee, will return. In addition, the successful sequel to the series will undoubtedly feature the masked villain played by Byung Hun Lee.

“Perhaps the beater in the suit will also return. We will also introduce Young-hee’s friend – Cheola-su,” assures the director. Young-hee is a deadly mobile puppet, and the aforementioned beater convinced the main character of the series to take part in the game of the series.

The launch of the second season of “Squid Game” was no surprise. According to data provided by Netflix, more than 100 million people watched the series in the first 12 days after its premiere. This isn’t Hwang’s only “Squid Game” project. The creator is also working on a parody series based on his experience creating “Squid Game”. It will be called “the best show on the planet”.

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