During the PO National Council, Donald Tusk spared no bitter words for the Government of Law and Justice. The politician stated, inter alia, that one of the most recent polls shows that more than 40 percent. The Poles are afraid of rising prices. – This is an area in which this government has done practically nothing, where the Central Bank led by Kaczyński and PiS sank several times when it was possible to take measures that would have rescued Poland from one of the highest and most dramatic ways in Europe, the European Union, he said.

According to a deputy spokesperson for PiS, during Donald Tusk’s rule, we experienced the second highest rate of inflation in history. Nothing was done after that. Tusk said that if he had a button that would lower the inflation, he would press it, but he couldn’t, he would straighten his hands. Meanwhile, the PiS government is implementing an anti-inflation package. He said that the leader of the civilian platform (PO) is simply lying.

PO National Council. Vogel is hard to tusk

Later in his speech, Donald Tusk confirmed that the meeting of politicians from the Civic Tribune is being held only 200 meters from the PiS headquarters on Noogrudzka Street in Warsaw. When you go out, you feel the smell of falling and broken strength. The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that the fact that they abdicated the throne does not excuse the adoption of the action plan and the entire opposition in order to end this time of dissolution and the dissolution of power as quickly as possible while removing these people from power. s. – This is the first task. Requires critical steps – resume.

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These words also did not remain without comment from Radosław Fogel. – If Donald Tusk had something smelly, if it had, I would have looked for it in his immediate surroundings, perhaps he got into something, in an uninterested company, for example. Perhaps you stink about the EPP scandal and the corruption scandals of its members and CJEU judges? – Requested deputy employee of the Law and Justice Party.

The scandal at the EU summits?

Radoslav Vogel referred to the reports of the French newspaper Liberation. In one of the most recent publications, journalists accused the head of the CJEU, Judge Koen Lenaerts, and important EU officials linked to the European People’s Party (EPP) of trading in influence and corruption.

According to the newspaper, between 2010 and 2018, party politicians participated in meetings that were illegally financed with public funds. It was to be attended by, inter alia, the former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker or the current President of the European Council Charles Michel.

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