The title seems contradictory. Games that have absolutely nothing in common in terms of genres and mechanics. Only having the freedom to travel around the world – on horseback or at the wheel. It would be absurd to insist on the value of one address over the other. However, both superhero productions do the same thing. when? They defend themselves effectively over the years, just as they continue to make sales lists.

Although CD Projekt is far from Rockstar Games’ scale, we can see a common denominator of success. Grand V will bring fresher and fresher combinations. The project is already in the third generation of consoles. It is similar to the third Witcher. The most significant premiere in Polish gamedev history, was not deterred by any blatant product lag with a great reception in the world. Dziki Gon has started her own marketing campaign. Maximum launch ratings, prize pools, and hundreds of thousands of comments compliments for the great RED game. 40 million have no chance of more than four times the game credit of the Houser brothers, but the image of the most important game in the history of domestic gaming has been preserved in the Polish frame. Hence, we had such an overall success compared to the sales giant, GTA V. But is anyone surprised by this result? A title that has lived for a very long time under the Global Ventilator (GTA Online).

Witcher for everyone

Created on the Aurora Engine, The Witcher (2007, CD Projekt) has been an intense product of PC culture. The ranked combat system in the series remained faithful only to the first part, according to many – the most popular in its presentation. Console gamers expected Rise of the White Wolf, but this project never saw the light of day. Only a very effective trailer in CGI format remains on the web. It was only Xbox that gave console players the opportunity to find a white-haired monster hunter. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011) was clearly written for console ergonomics. The previous studio game in its form would not favor the use of the console over the console. A few years ago, there were rumors about a possible renewal of The Witcher on the Wild Hunt Engine. A wet dream for all fans from Part Three onwards. Their influx, which began on May 19, 2015, started a global trend of the brand. Absolutely no one expected such a huge avalanche of commerce, cinematographers and banners regarding a single Polish game. In our country, the premiere looked almost like a national holiday.

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The evening news releases did not omit the then-Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz’s visit to CD Projekt’s headquarters. Media Expert has organized several events in major cities. With the participation of Geralt himself, Jacek Rozenek. It was the biggest event of this kind since Lara Croft’s memorable visit to Poland (1999). This time, the guest was the same Polish Witcher. New fans appeared in no time, sales of Mr. Sapkowski’s books increased, which made the person in question himself make a loud claim. The date is known and legally unknown. Today it seems that the generational struggle is over. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has already survived two seasons of storms thanks to Netflix, with mixed success. At the time of its release, it sparked a renewed interest in the series produced in 2001. We were all magicians. Older fans were only surprised by the fact that thanks to the closure of the story of the most famous student of the Wolf School, people became “seriously” interested in the franchise. Better late than never. After all, more than 40 million copies sold have an opinion in this regard.

Today, the game is preparing for a new incarnation of the current generation of consoles. REDzi has delayed the release date, so we’ll likely see work based on Epic Games’ most powerful tool (Unreal Engine). The question is who hasn’t finished The Witcher 3 yet, hand. The game is a Polish business cover with a higher title. When she won the 2015 The Game Awards poll, Polish players’ hearts were probably beating faster than a magician’s. I doubt this history will ever repeat itself. Production times on Wild Hunt are a different generation from CDPR. Currently, there has been little change in staff. Some veterans left the studio for good, making way for new talent. How will you translate? Time will tell. The Witcher 3 is the last cement to the company’s good reputation, which has been flawless. Although it is by no means a flawless game. It is the Polish GTA V. I’ve held out the longest and won more than anything else. Just maybe aging is slower than Rockstar does.

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message authenticity

In the face of global admiration for CD Projekt and The Third Witcher, speculation has grown over the studio’s actual arrangement on the world’s evolution map. There have been many comments that propelled the company to icons like Rockstar. Hence the expectations for the upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077, have reached an odd size. The conclusions are very far, but the level of originality of the characters is quite similar. A matter of taste, though I think the world structure around the characters (and not the other way around) favors such assumptions. I will use the character of the Bloody Baron, the defining leader of this class. A simple peasant falls into the honorable job of a Nilfgaardian with family problems and his own addiction. Sometimes it felt like in the Rockstar games. Hence, I understand similar conclusions. However, The Witcher as a brand will never equal giants like GTA.

Despite the fact that part of the cake was caught. Wild Hunt performs a similar function to GTA V – it sells the best local blockbuster movies. And so for about seven years. I’ll dedicate the end of the entry to a handful of ideas and a bit of guesswork. I wonder about taking an initiative like “Witcher Online”, of course under a more interesting name. Today is certainly premature, but in the future? Let’s just look at how Grand Theft Auto V’s rated and developed network unit affects the game’s sale. No story extensions required. Just in case The Witcher… Well, I’d never trade “Hearts of Stone” for an online enemy with Roach. You might not do that either.

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