And the head of German diplomacy, Annalina Barbock, announced, on Wednesday, that the Russian ambassador had been recalled and two Russian diplomats had been expelled. These steps were taken after the decision of the Berlin Court of Appeal that the Russian authorities had ordered the killing of the Georgian citizen of Chechen origin, Zelimchan Changushvili.

Annalina Barbock described the killing of Zelimchan Changushvili in Berlin’s Tiergarten park as a “serious violation of German law and the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany”. She stressed that this issue “will seriously burden Russian-German relations.”

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– That’s why we called the Russian ambassador. Reuters quoted Barbuk as saying that two embassy employees would be considered persona non grata.

Barbuk said she spoke by phone on Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. She explained that Germany wanted an “open and fair exchange of views with Russia.” “It is quite clear that acts such as the murders in Tiergarten weigh heavily on this exchange,” she added.

Moscow’s reaction

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to the decision of the authorities in Berlin, by entering a telegram.

The Berlin Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday morning Vadim Krasikov, a citizen of Russia, to life imprisonmentBecause it was discovered that the man had shot a Georgian of Chechen origin in Berlin on the orders of the Russian authorities in the summer of 2019.

Bab, Reuters, RIA Novosti

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