Tony Adams slams Hector Bellerin for his defensive display during the North London Derby defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, as Arsenal legend tells the right-back to “ do your job first and learn how to be a good defender ”

  • Tony Adams says Arsenal need to work with Hector Bellerin to make it better
  • Former Arsenal defender criticized Bellerin’s performance against Tottenham
  • He thinks a full-back needs to do a better job in defense in the first half

Arsenal legend Tony Adams expressed his frustration with right-back Hector Bellerin after his performance in the team’s 2-0 defeat to Tottenham, claiming that the Spaniard needed “to learn how to be a good defender”.

Speaking of Premier League Productions, the former Arsenal defender has attacked the former youngster at Barcelona and thinks he’s not playing the way he should.

He saw Bellerin advance on the field a lot when he was wanted in defense against Tottenham on Sunday, and he believes Arsenal could have avoided his first goal if he had played more defensively.

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin suffered from Tottenham Hotspur’s quick break on Sunday

Tony Adams criticized the full-back after the match, saying he needed to learn

Tony Adams criticized the full-back after the match, saying he needed to learn

Adams said: ‘Work with him. Don’t put him on the right wing, say ‘sit there’ and get out there in the morning and in the afternoon with the kid and put him at back.

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However, Adams said there was also the potential for Bellerin to become a great player, comparing him to another club legend.

“He’s neither better nor worse than Lee Dickson when he came to the club. He was playing like the right winger.

Gone Deco, come over here. sit here. Learn your job. First of all, stop that ball from getting into the back of the net.

Bellerin, who has been with Arsenal since 2011, had a day that would be forgotten due to his poor condition

Bellerin, who has been with Arsenal since 2011, would once forget him with his poor positioning

Harry Kane and Son Heung-min scored Tottenham's goals to move up the table

Harry Kane and Sun Heung-min scored Tottenham’s goals to move up the table

Tottenham quickly broke his first goal against Arsenal, with Harry Kane playing the ball to Son Heung-min who had an excellent shot into the net from distance.

Adams, who is known as one of the greatest defenders in Arsenal history and won four league titles and three cups during his 22-year career, was tough on the Pelerin position as the South Korean broke the deadlock.

Where was Hector when the first goal was going? He is in the stadium. Do your job first. Learn to be a good defender, keep nets clean, then take it from there.

Tottenham scored another first-half goal later in the first half, then maintained their lead despite Arsenal’s possession too much in the second half.

Adams himself was a giant defender during his 22-year career with Arsenal

Adams himself was a giant defender during his 22-year career with Arsenal

Speaking after the match, Arteta said the team’s main problem was their inability to finish their chances after “creating all chances” – and he insisted he could not fault the players’ will.

He said, “This is football.” They shot one on goal, scored a great goal, and we got it in the second half because Thomas got injured.

I’ve seen my team full of desire, passion, and control over the game and creating all opportunities, but it’s about the end product. We have to keep fighting, but we have to improve those details.

“In the beginning, they are really good at catching the ball, and Son scored from 25 yards. The second time, Thomas was limping, aching, it should pay off, and we miss a man.

On the pitch, I wanted him to do everything he could for the team. But he couldn’t keep playing, in so much pain, and that’s what he is. We might be a little wary with Son not to get in early.