Facebook will put WhatsApp users against a wall. They may lose the ability to send and receive messages if they do not accept the controversial new rules.

Earlier this year, Facebook had a huge, bloated photo. As usual, netizens accept the new regulations for online services without the blink of an eye and agree to far-reaching monitoring, so this time they drew attention to the provisions in that announced by WhatsApp and started a rebellion. It was caused by data security concerns, which Mark Zuckerberg had no access to before.

Moments after the new regulations were published, I started Displacement Users What’s Up.

Facebook has made messenger for some time at number one in its list of most downloaded apps Signal. The service was definitely helped by the fact that he recommended it on Twitter himself Elon Musk. Ironically, his recommendation led to a spike in stock prices … for another company with a similar name (even do not ask).

in spite of that The social networking site Facebook He decided that he would not withdraw from the proposed changes. Instead of this Just changed historyAfter that, the new regulations will be implemented from February to May this year. However, this does not solve the problem in any way – it has only created more time for those consumers who do not wish to read the new regulations to find an alternative means of communication.

WhatsApp messenger users who do not accept the new terms and conditions may lose access to receive and send messages.

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Amendments to the Regulations will take effect on May 15, 2021, and their acceptance will be necessary to continue using the messaging software. If users don’t, WhatsApp won’t delete their accounts (or at least not immediately), but they will become inactive. Just accept the new terms of service Access will be allowed For all jobs.

Initially, users who do not agree with the new rules will be able to receive calls and notifications about new messages, but you will not be able to read and send them. It is not known how long this grace period will last, but inactive accounts will be deleted after 120 days. If someone wants to export their data, they must do so before May 15th.

It should also be noted that Facebook confirms that despite the changes in the regulations, it will not be able to read the content of WhatsApp users’ messages, and the new provisions are necessary for companies to use the messenger program as well. Given the growing popularity of other instant messaging programs of late, these arguments didn’t hit the ground running …