July 23 Olympic Games Tokyo and the world still disagree about the importance of celebrating this event during the pandemic. behind Research Ipsos Implemented in 28 countries shows that 57% of respondents did not agree, and the figure in Spain is 53%.

When asked whether these games should be made or not, The world is dividedright 43% support. The hosts themselves are nationals of the countries interviewed who were more hesitant about their celebration, with 8 out of 10 Japanese opposed.

for this part, Spain is the most supportive of European countries, although the population distribution is clear: 47% of respondents support it and 53% disagree with its occurrence.. Poland ranks first in the ranking of European countries with the support of 60% of citizens, followed by Italy with 58%.

“In general, we can see most European countries adopting a very firm stance on the Olympics. Their reluctance to do so outweighs their desire to get back into our lives.” Vicente Castellanos, Director of Public Opinion and Political Studies at Ipsos, Spain.

Source: Ipsos Global Advisor Survey
General rule: 19,510 adults in 28 countries from May 21 to June 4, 2021.

What can the Olympic Games bring?

Reasons that motivate citizens to support the celebration of this holiday Olympic Games They are very diverse. The main reason for 62% of respondents is that It represents an important opportunity to unite the world in the face of the pandemic. This percentage rises to 72% among the population of Spain, Thus, it became the third European country to implement this event in this way. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France are among the countries that do not see the Olympic Games as an opportunity for the world.

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The same goes for the question of whether he wears it or not Olympic Games The country will unite. 65% of the world average believe that this will happen, and this percentage rises to 69% in Spain, which according to this idea ranks second in Europe after Italy (75%). Countries such as Germany, Poland, France and Belgium show the highest level of non-compliance at the global and European level.

What is the use of the Olympic Games?

Another decisive factor when it comes to supporting or not celebrating an event is the interest it arouses among the population. In this sense, 13 out of the 28 countries surveyed indicated that they were very or little interested in MME. Most citizens in 15 countries have little or no interest.

if SpainThe country is divided again and the games are interesting to 48% of the population, compared to 52% who are not. one more time With the exception of Poland (56%) and Italy (48%), Spaniards are the Europeans who show the most interest. Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom are at the bottom of the ranking.

What are the most noticeable trends?

all over the world football (30%) Athletics (27%) all water sports (22%) i Gymnastics (21%) are the four most interesting when it comes to pursuing their careers. to Spain This arrangement has been deeply modified anywhere Football (36%) remains in the first place. Being Europeans besides Poland, they like it the most.

will be the second basketball (28%), followed by Tennis (26%) where in both cases Spain ranks second in the world in terms of the number of people who have shown interest in these professions. We are in fourth place Athletics (23%), as the sport that receives the most attention among the Spanish people.

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On the other hand, it would be: climbingAnd the golf I skateboard as the least interested sport in the world (3%, 3% and 2%, respectively) and Spanish (3%, 3% and 1%, respectively).

What is the impact of the Olympic Games on society?

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 80% of respondents around the world confirmed that these games Inspiring younger generations to exercise82% of Spaniards agree. Thus, along with Italy (82%) and Poland (84%), it took the top three positions in the ranking of European countries with which it agrees most.

oh neem Government support for Olympians67% of the global average believe that governments should support them with public money in their performance. This also applies to 68% of Spaniards, who again came after Italy (71%) and Poland (69%) as the countries most supportive of the idea. This has nothing to do with Germany, France and Belgium, which are re-presenting themselves as the most opposing countries.

As for the Covid-19 virus, it is possible Vaccination priority for athletes71% of respondents worldwide support this decision. Something that 68% of Spaniards supported.

On the other hand, the countries most opposed are mostly European, and they are at the bottom of the ranking: Germany, where the population is completely divided (50% support, 50% do not); Great Britain (48%), Belgium (46%), the Netherlands (44%), Hungary (43%), Sweden (42%).