Legnica. Candidates for studies in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities have the opportunity to study in four undergraduate courses (first cycle, 3-year studies) – Management, Homeland Security, Philology, Pedagogy; Two areas of consolidated master’s studies (5-year studies) – law, pre-school and early education, and one field of master’s studies (second-cycle, two-year studies) – homeland security.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities has submitted a request to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to launch new master’s studies: Director of Public Administration.

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Management – Undergraduate Studies

Studies in Administration prepares for work in various types of public administration – central and local – and for law enforcement in non-public institutions. The study program is prepared after consultation with employers, so that you can acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in the field of administrative service. The specialties offered are:
• Manager in public administration
• Management and Law in Business

Homeland Security – Undergraduate Studies
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The Homeland Security course was created for all those who wish to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of state performance, crisis management and confronting threats to common security. Education in this field gives the opportunity for stable and reliable employment in government and local government units, such as the police, various types of guards, services and inspection. Thanks to classes in the form of exercises and vocational training, you will acquire knowledge that will allow you to apply for a job in the regular services. The specialties offered are:
Management and organization in the field of internal security الأمن
• Uniformed services in security

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English Philology – Undergraduate Studies
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If you have a talent for languages, want to establish relationships and learn in an international environment, are interested in other cultures and traditions, then you have the benefits of a linguist and future expert in diversity and intercultural communication! If you improve your language skills while studying, learn the principles of teamwork and the basics of international companies, you will easily find yourself in the world of international business. The field of study ensures acquisition of the competencies and language skills needed in business relations and intercultural communication. The presentation is aimed at those who wish to gain knowledge about the language and other cultural phenomena related to the countries of the English-speaking region. The specialties offered are:
• Business English
• English with German

Pedagogy – Undergraduate Studies
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Undergraduate studies in Pedagogy at the State Vocational Higher School Witelon in Legnica is aimed at people interested in acquiring comprehensive knowledge about education, as well as changes in the mechanisms of pedagogy and learning in the course of human life. We offer studies that will give you a solid psychological and pedagogical preparation. Education includes topics in the field of general, basic, prescriptive and specialized content. Our program offers practical lessons necessary to understand the social and cultural process of teaching and learning as well as care and educational work. The specialties offered are:
• Educational care and education with educational therapy
• Educational rehabilitation with social therapy

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Law – Unified Master’s Studies (5 Years)

Standardized 5-year Master’s studies in Law at Witelon State Professional School in Legnica is a guarantee of acquiring strong legal knowledge and skills necessary to start a career in the legal profession. The profession of lawyer is a prestigious profession that enjoys the confidence of the public. Study consignees are people who intend to pursue a classic legal career or plan a career in a law firm (national or international) or in business. During your studies, we will prepare you to start a judge, prosecutor, attorney, legal advisor or notary training!

Preschool and Early Childhood Education – Standard Master’s Studies (5 years)
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Studies of preschool and early childhood education prepare for work with children in preschool institutions and grades 1-3 of primary school The study program includes classes in the field of psychological, pedagogical, thematic and methodological preparation, as well as support for the development of children of preschool and younger school age.

Homeland Security – Master’s Degree (2 years)
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Master’s studies in the field of Homeland Security are intended for people who wish to improve their professional qualifications, such as police officers, prison service, probation officers, representatives of state and local administration who deal with security. The curriculum enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge of security sciences and related disciplines – psychology, pedagogy, sociology, law and management sciences. The specialties offered are:
• Department of security and public order
• Forensic and investigative techniques
State defense
Crisis management in public administration الإدارة

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Director of Public Administration* – Master’s Degree (2 years)
* The field of study will start after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Education and Science