On Wednesday, a picture of coach Czeslav Micniewicz with a young player from the Chicago Fire team was published on the social networking site “Łączy nas świat”. Journalist Tom Bogert, who deals with the MLS league and the US national team, reported that according to his sources, Slonina will be called up for the senior white and red team. By the way, he added that it was not certain whether the teenager would accept the invitation, although Poland was trying very hard to do so.

intense competition

Slonina was born in Addison, Illinois, but has Polish roots and can choose which country he wants to represent. In the past, he played in an American youth club. In the winter, he received a phone call with the US first team, but he has not yet participated in it. To date, it impresses with its form in the local football league.

The Polish national team joined the match for the goalkeeper’s talent, but experts are skeptical about this issue.

“Slonina’s priority is to remain in the US national team, also taking into account the competition from other goalkeepers in Poland” – said well-known journalist Fabrizio Romano on Twitter.

The Italian added that the London-based Chelsea club was interested in winning the young player, but the issue receded after imposing sanctions on Roman Abramovich’s club. Slonina recently extended her contract with the Chicago Fire until the end of 2023.

On June 3, Poland will start the League of Nations tournament with a match against Wales.

Author: jac / PO
Source: eurosport.pl, Twitter @FabrizioRomano

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