The Russian Foreign Ministry imposed personal sanctions on the British leadership. The restrictions apply not only to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but also, among other things, the foreign minister, defense minister or finance minister. They are banned from entering Russia.

“This move is a response to the media and political campaign launched by London, which targets the international isolation of Russia.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement.

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The RBC website reported that Russian diplomats believe Great Britain is “deliberately escalating” the situation over Ukraine by “pumping” weapons into Kyiv with NATO. The Foreign Office said London was “very pressuring” not only its Western allies but also other countries to impose sanctions on Russia. The Foreign Office has announced that in the near future the list of sanctions will be extended to include British politicians and parliamentarians who “They are fueling anti-Russian hysteria.”

Let us remind you that since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine on the United Kingdom, sanctions have been imposed on more than 1,000 people and entities of Russia. Sanctions freeze their assets in the UKprohibiting any financial transactions with them by British citizens and companies, and in the case of individuals – also Ban on entry to this country.