Starting Wednesday, health care workers who have not taken a dose of the vaccine may be suspended from their duties without pay.

President Emmanuel Macron issued the arrest warrant on 12 July.

According to the latest available data 85.4 percent. Of the caregivers in nursing homes and long-term care units fully vaccinated, 89.5% received at least one dose of the vaccine. In the Ile-de-France metropolitan area, 95 per cent. Healthcare professionals have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while in Marseille about 90 percent. – said Martin Hirsch, Director of the APHP Hospital Network.

On the eve of the entry into force of the vaccination obligation, medical professionals demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris and in front of regional public health agencies (ARS), including in Toulouse and Lyon, and in front of the university hospital in Rennes, according to AFP.

The vaccination obligation applies to hospital and nursing home employees, as well as firefighters, paramedics, and paramedics.

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