The head of the International Energy Agency said the United States overtook Russia in June for the first time in history in terms of gas supplies to Europe. According to him, in order to have time to fill up its warehouses until the winter, Europe must urgently reduce its gas consumption.

In June, LNG supplies from the United States to Europe exceeded Gazprom’s exports to the continent.

The recent harsh Russian cuts in natural gas supplies to the European Union have meant that For the first time in history, the European Union imports more gas from the United States in the form of LNG from the United States than from pipelines from Russia. – The head of the International Energy Agency, Faith Birol, wrote.

. added The EU should make efforts to reduce domestic gas demand and prepare for a harsh winter.

In recent weeks, Russia has begun to reduce gas supplies to Europe. This forced some European countries to use the reserves prepared for the winter.

Gazprom says the drop in supplies via the Nord Stream gas pipeline is due to renovation problems. The company says the sanctions cannot get a Siemens Energy turbine, which was serviced in Canada.

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However, many experts believe that Russia suspends delivery for political reasons. This is also what Joe Kayser, CEO of Siemens Energy says. He asserts that the absence of a turbine “would not justify such an extreme reduction in gas transmission”.

Earlier, Russia completely stopped gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, because it refused to pay for gas in rubles. At the same time, sanctions blocked supplies through the Yamal pipeline.

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