A crowded party in the Rose Garden last Saturday announced Donald Trump Amy Connie Barrett Because his Supreme Court nominee has come under scrutiny after at least seven people tested positive for coronavirus, including the president himself.

On Friday, the former advisor to the president, Killian Conway, She announced that she was positive and that her symptoms were “mild.”

Two Republican senators, Thom Tillis and Mike Lee, also reported positive results.

Lee, who did not wear a mask at the White House event, said he had “symptoms consistent with long-standing allergies.” Tillis, who was wearing a mask, said he had no symptoms. Both said they will be in quarantine for 10 days – ending before Barrett’s confirmation hearings begin on October 12.

The two senators both serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, raising questions about the upcoming hearings of the Supreme Court approval and whether other senators have been exposed.

Notre Dame’s president, John Jenkins, was also diagnosed with the disease at a later time.

Trump was rushed to the hospital on Friday along with the White House Saying he’s going to spend “a few days” At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being diagnosed.

Speculation is mounting that the event, which occurred on September 25, could have been the source of and possibly injury to Trump Event super dealer, As confirmed cases rise. Barrett said Friday that she has not tested positive for the virus.

The event was Trump’s formal announcement of his candidacy for Barrett for the progressive champ Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg, who died on September 18th, made it clear that her wish to die was not to take her seat in court.Until a new president is installedAnd Democrats have argued that her replacement should not be confirmed until after the 2020 elections.

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Visual evidence produced by Politico showed the increasing number of Trump officials and allies who tested positive for coronavirus since attending the party. Many of those who have since reported contracting the virus have sat close to each other.

As Igor Bobitch of The Huffington Post noted, party chairs weren’t socially distant.

Conway tweeted Friday that she has a mild cough and is feeling better. She added, “The quarantine procedures have started in consultation with the doctors.”

The White House Correspondents Association said that the unnamed journalist who attended the event also tested positive. According to ABC News.