In April, filming for the comic book show Batgirl starring Leslie Grace ended. We’re now learning from media reports about the first production demo created with HBO Max in mind.

Leslie Grace – Batgirl

Several sources reported that people who had the opportunity to see the film reacted positively. Some details regarding the plot of the movie have also been leaked to the network.

The following message can be treated as common, but it must be remembered that in the end it may be true and some of the information below can be taken as spoilers. So you read at your own risk.

Batgirl and Batman played by Michael Keaton will act as a squad for most of the movie, with a main tagline of “No Kill.” Nightwing and Black Canary do not appear, although a poster of the latter has been spotted in the selected footage recently. There was also news that Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer was somehow referenced, but the context is unknown.

The ending of the film is said to be reminiscent of the official art concept that was released last year. Barbara Gordon will wear her new Batgirl costume. There is also speculation about an important episode, but it is not yet known who it is.

bat girl There is no official release date yet.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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