In the 2021 season, Troy Batchelor was missing out on the Polish tracks. Now the situation will change – the Australian has become a player in the second division Unia Tarnów. Still optimistic about the upcoming matches.

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Troy Batchelor (left) before the Fallopaz - ROW . match

WP SportoweFakty / Mateusz Wójcik / Troy Batchlelor (left) before the Falubaz – ROW match.

After a break of one year, Troy Batchelor decided to return to the Polish League. Get involved with Unia Tarnów, who in 2022 will be racing in the third division.

In addition to him, the team also included, among others, Oscar Popper, Kenneth Hansen, and Piotr Burrow. Let us remind you that Batchelor made his Polish debut in 2007 as a player for Unia Leszno.

Last season he participated in the English Premier League and the Championship in Great Britain, and appeared several times in the French League. However, his journey was far from ideal. Now she is hoping for a new opening.

Watch the video highway. Strong words from Cegielski. There is an answer from the head of GKSŻ

– I signed a contract with Unia Tarnów, and I’m very happy with it. I feel it will be a good year, and a good move for me and the club – Batchelor reported via the club’s official Facebook profile.

– We have several months to prepare. I will be very busy and ready for next season. See you soon – The former Grand Prix participant has been added.

For Troy Batchelor, next season will be his first in the 2nd Polish Speedway.

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