The next stage of work on Poland’s long-term challenges

25 May 2022

The Ministry of Regional Development Funds and Policies is conducting a long-term planning process under which the National Development Concept 2050 (KRK) will be established. The analytical work on the basis of which the National Qualifications Framework will be prepared is carried out within the framework of the Gospostrateg Strategic Program for Scientific Research and Development. In this project, MFiPR collaborates with the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute.

As part of the work on the National Qualifications Framework, a series of five thematic expert debates and accompanying public hearings have been conducted so far, dedicated to contemporary trends affecting Poland’s development up to 2050. In the next step, social, economic and environmental trends are taking place in the world, the identification of European and national space.

From the end of April this year. Research is underway – also within the framework of the Gospostrateg project – to identify challenges to 2050. Experts from the world of science and NGOs as well as entrepreneurs and experts from industrial self-government organizations participate in the series of multi-stage meetings. Focus studies were conducted in four thematic groups: society, economy, environment and space. Joint expert workshops are scheduled for June, during which work on the challenges to date will be summarized. In the fall, a white paper will be published presenting Poland’s long-term development challenges in social, economic, environmental and spatial dimensions.

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The concept of national development 2050