A photo of the flyer to be distributed by the Belarusian Army was provided by Ilya Ponomario, Former deputy of the Russian State Duma. The content of the advertisement shows that the Ministry of Defense of Belarus is trying at all costs to encourage citizens to join the army.

This is how much soldiers earn in Belarus

The publication says that military service on the basis of the contract is the “correct choice of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.” The “benefits” are listed below. As it turns out, the government offers contract soldiers three types of minimum wages.

Drivers will receive 961 rubles (about 1210 PLN), older drivers will receive 981 rubles (about 1230 PLN), according to the bulletin, and the unit commander – 1020 rubles (1,280 PLN). The authors assert that this is the minimum amount that contract soldiers can get.

In addition, according to the publication, the military can count on a one-time allowance for rehabilitation and material assistance in case of unforeseen problems. Then they will get … 30 percent. your salary. “Even the cleaning lady earns more,” says Elia Bonomario.

Meanwhile, Belarus is moving more units to the border with Ukraine. In the town of Draychen (Brest Region), a column of six armored personnel carriers and a military truck were observed during the transportation. Earlier, infantry fighting vehicles and missile systems were brought to the borders.

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