Diablo Immortal is a free website that has had a number of microtransactions since its first presentation. Players looked at the character development model, which led to the conclusion that Blizzard may at some point force the community to spend large sums of money.

The American producer and publisher entered the mobile world thanks to Diablo Immortal. Last week, the production was met with an excellent reception by reviewers and yielded promising results, however, an increasing number of users can complain loudly about the economy developed by an experienced studio.

A journalist from Bellular News took a closer look at the character development system and according to his analysis, Legendary Gems, which are needed for character development after completing the campaign (post-game), are a premium currency that we can only get by spending real money. This practice can turn into a very costly endeavor.

As noted by the authors of the prepared materials, A full upgrade for one hero with Legendary Gems will cost up to $110,000 (469,480 PLN). The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Currency is only available in Legendary loot chests, So players must be lucky to receive the gems needed to upgrade their characters.

Reddit forum users stress that the amount of money needed to max out a hero can be even greater, because the developers have created an upgrade system that only unlocks when the player upgrades their five-star gems to level 10. The whole process could consume another $40,000 (170720 PLN) – the system will probably need to be repeated several times.

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Due to microtransactions, Diablo Immortal has not been launched in some countries.