Capcom provided a very interesting story with many exciting moments in Resident Evil Village, but in addition to improving the console version, the developers may not have found the time to finish the port perfectly on PC. According to a DG report, the item is riddled with bugs and glitches.

Resident Evil Village achieved a great result And passed Start recording on SteamBut that doesn’t mean Capcom took care of the PC port for the best possible experience. Digital Foundry confirms big issues that really start out on the list – Although there are many options in the settings, the browsing is poor and the ESC key does not work.

AMD’s graphics presets and FidelityFX app leave much to be desired, while the authors claim that ray tracing is better compared to the console version, but should look more functional.

“They are better than consoles, but they can be better. The lower number of rays can also cause pleasant side effects in some scenes, and the unusual lighting effects also look strange.”

It is possible that the creators did not pay attention to the reflections of light, through which “every surface with RT reflections appears out of place, at low resolution and protrudes a little”. Capcom did not add room to adjust visibility to the position, causing inconvenience when playing on-screen, and “it seems like anti-aliasing is down”.

Overall, the improved settings allow you to get 33% more performance over the RTX 2060, without any visual disturbance compared to the extreme settings – the game flickers like notes, especially without ray tracing. RT seems to have an additional difficulty that I haven’t noticed on consoles: stuttering A real problem with the PC version, causing a huge drop in frame rate, and there’s not much you can do to stop it … other than turning off ray tracing. “

Digital Foundry confirms that the game has “good port basics” but needs one or two updates.

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