As Erdogan pointed out, He did not change his position on the attempts of Finland and Sweden to join to the North Atlantic Alliance. He added that he discussed the issue on Friday with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and that he would also discuss it with British authorities on Saturday.

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Thursday Erdogan declared that “Turkey will say no” The accession of these two countries to NATO, accusing them of harboring the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (which Ankara considers part of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the organization of the Islamic thinker Fethullah Gulen, which Ankara accuses of carrying. From a failed coup in 2016.

On Wednesday, Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO. They now need the support of all 30 member states. Estonia formally approved the request on Thursday. Washington believes that Turkey’s reservations are a problem that “will soon be resolved.”

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