Calendar winters usually mean heavy snowfall and severe frost for Finland – but this time it was different. The Finnish Meteorological Institute summarized the weather data for 2020 – it showed that temperatures were record-high, and last year was 2.5 degrees Celsius warmer than usual for 30 years (average temperature was 4.8 degrees).

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In Helsinki, the nation’s capital, for the first time in 176 years (no measurements have been taken before), no snow fell whatsoever in January. It appeared in trace quantities only in the spring. In turn, in June, the highest number of days with temperatures reaching 25 ° C (the so-called temperature threshold in Finland) were recorded since the statistics began.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, in some parts of the country for a period of 21 days, thermometers showed 25 degrees and above. Finland also recorded its highest temperature in November this year, with a record 14.7 ° C this month in Puri in the southwest of the country. The highest temperature (reaching 33.5 ° C) was recorded in June in the village of Nynesalo in western Finland (near the historical record set in North Karelia in July 2010 – 37.2 ° C).

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Report authors TranslatorThe temperature in Finland has been increasingly affected by climate change in recent years. As they note, global warming has contributed to an ice-free season in the Arctic, which is also affecting the country’s weather.

The Arctic regions, which also include Finland, have seen high temperatures in recent years, double the global average. Recent months have also been exceptionally warm in Siberia, with temperatures in November rising to 20 degrees higher than normal in some areas. This – scientists note – warmer air currents from Siberia could lead to a higher temperature in Finland in 2021 than usual.

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