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The photo shows President Tsai Ing-wen (center) receiving a delegation from Mr. Markey, chair of the Asia Pacific Group of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at the Presidential Office on the 15th. (Provided from the Republican Palace)

(Central News Agency reporter Chen Jun from London on 21) The British Financial Times reported that despite pressure from Beijing, in addition to the visit of the bipartisan Japanese legislator to Taiwan on the 22nd, Taiwan will also receive a delegation from the US Congress this weekend, Which is also the first time this month 3 delegations from the US Congress to Taiwan.

In this regard, the Foreign Ministry stated that the government always welcomes members of the US Congress to visit Taiwan, and if there is other information, the State Department will explain to the public in due course.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation to visit Taiwan from 2-3. Beijing continued to conduct military exercises around Taiwan under the pretext, and increased pressure on governments and conferences in various countries to try to prevent dignitaries from visiting Taiwan.

The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven and the European Union issued a joint statement on the third day, noting that international travel and visits by parliamentarians are in line with normal and customary practices; Where Beijing launched aggressive military operations in Taiwan. The strait under the pretext of related visits .. illegally.

After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Ed Markey, chair of the Asia-Pacific Group of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, led a delegation to Taiwan for a two-day visit on the 14th. China again announced that it will conduct military exercises around Taiwan. If the Financial Times report on the 20th day is correct, it means that the civil attack and military coercion of the Chinese Communist Party failed to prevent American dignitaries from continuing to visit Taiwan, and Beijing failed to completely isolate Taiwan.

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Zhao Yixiang, who was the head of the political team at the US representative office, said that China tried to deter dignitaries from visiting Taiwan, but failed.

Keiji Furuya, president of the Nippa Senators Forum, a friendly group for Japan’s parliament for Taiwan, and Minoru Kihara, director of the Nippon Kaen Affairs Office, will visit Taiwan on the 22nd. The Financial Times noted that the Japanese government has not expressed concern about the situation. That, but worried that the tension in the Taiwan Strait may affect the delicate balance of Japan-China relations.

A senior Japanese official said that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and the government is feeling pressure from the business community; On the other hand, Japanese diplomats also tend to maintain stable relations with China. From this perspective, it is not appropriate for the Japanese government to “encourage” lawmakers to visit Taiwan.

Japan is one of the allies of the United States that has strongly condemned China’s recent military exercises, especially since five missiles fired by the Communist Party fell during the exercises in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

However, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also stressed that Japan and China should maintain dialogue. National Security Director Takeo Akiba held talks in Tianjin for about seven hours with Yang Jiechi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPC Central Committee, on the 17th, involving Taiwan, North Korea and Ukraine.

Regarding Taiwan, the State Department said on the 16th that US lawmakers have been visiting Taiwan for many years, and a total of 19 lawmakers have visited Taiwan this year. The “Financial Times” noted that since the beginning of this year, 14 non-diplomatic delegations from the government or Congress have visited Taiwan. (Editor: Lin Jingping) 1110821

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