FIFA Ultimate Team, or the popular FUT mode, is one of the most played game modes in the FIFA series. No wonder players with the tongue in their chin are waiting for news of his performance in FIFA 22. Remember, EA Sports has introduced Pre-Season. Players competing in FUT 21 can earn rewards to use in FUT 22. More on that Here.

However, according to the information that appears on the web, a real revolution in unlocking packs will come in FIFA Ulitmate Team 22. As rumors say, in FIFA 22 from the very beginning we have the possibility to “suspicious of the contents” of individual packs.

Photo: Cartomania

FUT 22 is about to undergo a major revolution

Opinions are divided among the community. Some think that this is a huge advantage, because we will end up buying a pig in a poke and we will decide what we will spend virtual coins on. However, opponents of this movement believe that it spoils all the fun and uncertainty of opening packages. Which side are you on?

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