“The new president, Joe Biden, promised that the United States would be more active in the international arena. To conflicts with Russia– Nicholas Boss wrote in a commentary in the Saturday issue of “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

Vladimir Putin was, in his view, one of the beneficiaries of the US “withdrawal policy” pursued by Donald Trump, which opened many new opportunities for opponents of the West.

Nicholas Boss noted that Biden, as vice president during the Obama era, witnessed the continuing process of deterioration in US-Russian relations. His party (the Democrats) suffered as a result of the actions of the Russian services that tried to do so Affects the election outcome w United States of America.

The commentator says: “What is being flagged right now is not far from the level of the Cold War. There is no region in the world in which Russia will not act as a strategic competitor to the West.”

Once again, he asserts, there are differences in world view between Russia and America. “In the past, the dividing line was between capitalism and communism, and today the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism,” says FAZ.

As before, we are dealing with an arms race again, including “small operations.” Demonstrations of forceThe information that the United States intends to send two warships to the Black Sea suits the situation. Russia – adds the commentator – announced the transfer of (units) from the Caspian Sea.

“The reason, of course, is the tensions in Ukraine,” explains Nicholas Boss. “Biden seems to want to show Putin the limits. It would be a move not without risks, but it is understandable language in the Kremlin” – sums up the “FAZ” journalist.

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