Rzeczpospolita writes about checking moods, but the actual state of affairs matters. The survey on business closures and layoffs was conducted by Facebook, the World Bank, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (in 27 countries, for 35,000 SMEs). Polish companies have had exemplary success in this.

Polish companies are doing well

As announced by Polish companies, 84 percent of them are working as before the epidemic. That’s as much as 8 percent. Better than the global average in the survey. Layoffs of 13% have been announced. Comparing Polish companies to the global average of 30 percent.

A 57 percent decrease in sales was also recorded. The global average was 55 percent. Although Poland came after Germany in this category (only 40% of companies fell there), it was on the same level as France and Turkey and better than Italy and Great Britain.

The Poles don’t like to slow down

Rzeczpospolita quotes Róża Szafranek, head of HR Tips: Polish entrepreneurs are reluctant to lay off workers, realizing how difficult it can be to find a good and qualified employee. Often they decide to reduce their workload, and send people on vacations – all in order to survive the epidemic with minimal human losses.

While aid programs have made the pandemic the best in Europe for small and medium-sized businesses, many are eager to see the future. Also in Poland. 36 percent of companies expect less demand, 13 percent. Liquidity problems.

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