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Apple employee emails surveyed by a US court show that monopoly is an essential component of success.

“The most important reason why it’s hard to leave the Apple world is iMessage,” wrote a former Apple employee.

Phil Schiller, one of the leading figures of interest and a member of the Apple Views group, which includes some of the most special people in the company’s history, echoed, “Transferring iMessage to Android as well would be more harmful than help.”

These are two emails that a US court has been investigating in a high-profile case Epic Games Contra Apple. The crux of the matter was the high margins imposed on developers to sell apps and games or micro-transactions in the iOS environment. But the anxiety recurs again.

Among the claims that Epic Games made were also those related to the intentional retention of iPhone users in the iOS ecosystem, including. Thanks to iMessage exclusive.

There is no doubt that making Apple News available on Android is not a major technical challenge. But Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, openly explains the problem in an email that has been considered by the court.

Federighi wrote, “iMessage on Android will get families with iPhones to buy Android phones for their kids.”

The documents searched show that since 2013, Apple has been considering introducing iMessage on Android. You see, for the sake of families and children, he didn’t make up his mind.