Russian Nikita Nagorny won a gold medal in free training and a silver medal on wheels and on horse-handles at the European Championships in Sports Gymnastics held in Basel. The day before, he defended his title in all-out singles.

The Greek Elethrius Petronia got the highest marks in training on wheels, and the Armenian Arthur Dutgan on the horse with the throat.

Swiss Julia Stingeruber won the women’s jump, while Russian Angelina Melnikoa was the best in the bar training.

The Polish national team did not qualify for the finals.



ćwiczenia wolne
1. Nikita Nagorny (Rosja) 15,166 pkt
2. Benjamin Gischard (Szwajcaria) 14,966
3. Nicola Bartolini (Włochy) 14,666

koń z łękami
1. Artur Dawtjan (Armenia) 14,266
2. Nikita Nagorny (Rosja) 14,266
3. Joe Fraser (Wielka Brytania) 14,066

1. Eleftherios Petrounias (Grecja) 15,400 
2. Nikita Nagorny (Rosja) 15,033
3. Salvatore Maresca (Włochy) 14,900


1. Giulia Steingruber (Szwajcaria) 14,824
2. Jessica Gadirova (Wielka Brytania) 14,466
3. Angelina Mielnikowa (Rosja) 14,416

1. Angelina Mielnikowa (Rosja) 14,500
2. Władisława Urazowa (Rosja) 14,333
3. Amelie Morgan (Wielka Brytania) 14,100


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