Mauro Morandi, inhabitant and sole guardian of the picturesque Bodilly in the Maddalena Archipelago off the coast of Sardinia, leaves it after 32 years. The man has dealt with protecting this place from tourists who want to enter the forbidden places on the island, which is considered “heaven on earth.”

An 82-year-old former gymnastics teacher from Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy went there in 1989, and learned from the then-keeper of the Magic Island, famous for its pink sand on the beach, that he would soon finish his service. Morandi decided to take his place and there lived like a hermit in a small wooden house.

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“I am really tired of it.”

He lives in a remote area and has long been mentioned on social media that there is pressure to get him out of Bodilly. There were more and more voices that were acting there announcing themselves, even on the verge of law. All attempts by the local Madalena Natural Park administration to expel him were successful for him, filing appeals and petitions.

He has now announced his final decision to leave the island after more than three decades.

The daily “Il Resto del Carlino” writes that this is how the wonderful adventure of Mauro Morandi, the keeper of the miracle of nature ends.

– I’m tired already. He explained in an interview with the newspaper that at the end of the week I will move to Madalena and rent an apartment. He indicated that he had tried to contact the park administration about extending his service for free, but discovered that no one over the age of 81 could be employed.

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– I indicated that there were infiltrators entering the forbidden area, I met the tourists and told them about the natural resources of this island – the hermit guard told him. He added, “Now I will vaccinate against COVID-19 first.”

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